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In which areas of business is artificial intelligence most actively used?

Today, artificial intelligence is a new trend in business, but many are sceptical about it due to lack of information. What is AI? AI (artificial intelligence) is the ability of computer systems to perform creative and intellectual functions that were previously subject only to the human brain, such as learning, reasoning, logical construction, etc. That…

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Women’s entrepreneurship and prospects in Tajikistan!

Today, the development of SMEs is an engine of economic growth and a tool for creating new jobs. The global trend also includes the growth of entrepreneurship among women, as the development of women’s entrepreneurship, women’s participation in the economy contributes to prosperity, growth and strengthening of the economy. According to the “Program of State…

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Open а agro shop in rural areas is a good start-up with small investments.

How to start a business selling agricultural inputs? What are the difficulties in agribusiness? Do you need to develop your business? A success story of one man who opened an agricultural shop in the village. Shavkat Muzaffarov graduated from the Agricultural Institute in 1993 and got a job at the Navabad Garden State Farm of…

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Drying and processing products of mulberry – a promising business for aspiring entrepreneurs!

The Republic of Tajikistan is an agro-industrial country. Tajikistan has 1.1 million hectares of irrigated and 25 million hectares of rainfed land, including 115 thousand hectares of orchards, 50 thousand hectares of vineyards and 10 thousand hectares of mulberry trees. The main direction of agricultural production in the valley part of the country is cotton…

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