Advantages of setting up a business

Self-determination: As a self-employed person you make your own decisions. You implement your own ideas. Many business startups are successful precisely because they have turned their passion into their profession. They earn money with an activity that they really enjoy.  Be your own boss and take your life into your own hands!

Freedom: As a self-employed person, you can combine work and leisure flexibly. You can create your own working environment, choose your own place of work and select your employees and cooperation partners yourself. Good prospects – No more a strict boss and annoying colleagues!

Personal development: Having your own company strengthens your own personality through more personal responsibility, self-discipline and structured work. Successful entrepreneurs are usually independent throughout their lives and can also cope better with setbacks. Entrepreneurs are doers – Become a doer!

Make more money: The earning possibilities as an employee are limited, as an entrepreneur the own property depends directly on the success of the own enterprise. Good successful work has a direct effect on your own income. More motivation, more success, more income!

Respect and recognition: As a self-employed entrepreneur, you are one of the top performers in society and are treated with more respect and recognition by many people.

Especially in the initial phase, startups have to master a multitude of challenges. These include above all new tasks such as:

  • Bookkeeping, accounting, taxes
  • Marketing, distribution
  • Communication with authorities and the tax authorities

Furthermore, in the initial phase, startups usually have to reckon with longer working hours and no regular income.

In order to found a company successfully, various characteristics are therefore important. In addition to a high degree of commitment and performance, factors such as willingness to take risks, ability to work under pressure, operational experience and sales skills are also necessary.

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