Accelerate Prosperity

Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan has gained business expertise in GBAO and Khatlon and built a network of mentors in the most promising industries, including commercial services, agri-business, tourism, ICT and textiles, and is currently scaling to new regions nationally. Accelerate Prosperity works with partners – like the University of Central Asia’s  School of Professional and Continuing Education entrepreneurship programme –  to link graduates to mentors and provide prospective facilitation or provision of financing.

Anahita Public Organization

Public Organization (PO) “Anahita” was first established in 2006, then re-registered in 2009. Main activities: raising the status of women in society, education, providing leadership qualities for women in the countryside, improving the legal, economic and entrepreneurial development of rural youth and women, promoting the development of agribusiness, ecotourism, agriculture, organizing and developing charitable programs for women, a healthy lifestyle life, motherhood and childhood health care, ensuring the legal rights of the population, support for crafts, the development of folk crafts, folklore, the formation and improvement of the environmental awareness of the local population, the preservation of the human habitat, the conservation of natural resources, the protection and development of the biological diversity of the flora and fauna of Tajikistan, as well as search, discovery, and study of traditional knowledge and experience of the local population. To date, in cooperation with international organizations: The Christensen Fund and Save the Children, a number of projects have been implemented in the fields of agriculture, processing of fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, beekeeping, greenhouses, improvement of micro-districts, increasing the capacities and capabilities of local partners, vocational training for groups of rural women, environmental protection, health care.

Arzing Public Organization

Arzing is implementing partner of several national and international organizations. In 2019 Arzing implemented projects with the task to integrate migrants, vulnerable women and youth into the labour market. Within the project 450 people are trained.

Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan

Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan facilitates the promotion of high quality agriculture input, as well as provides awareness raising service among farmers on new technologies that creates conditions for obtain of yield productivity, facilitates the increase of livelihood in rural population, supports the improvement of exporting potential of agriculture producers and protects their rights.

Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice Republic of Tajikistan on the 2nd of March 2006 and was re-registered on 26th May 2010 at Tax department of Khujand city, and has the Identification number 5110005533. Association is a non-commercial, non-governmental organization.   Activities of the association are based on voluntary principals, legal and democratic self-managed.

Bonovoni Khatlon Public Organization

An association of citizens with the participation of women leaders in the field of employment development, legal education, education and patriotism, politics, social economics, healthcare and a healthy lifestyle, and the development of the education system, agriculture and water management, environmental improvement and entrepreneurship development

Beekeeping Association "Navobod town"

Since 2004, the «Navobod town» beekeeping association in Rasht Valley has been providing beekeeping services. During this period, the Association is engaged in representing and coordinating beekeeping activities, protecting their rights and property, producing honey, assisting its members, as well as beginner beekeepers, and protecting their legal rights in the Rasht region. In order to achieve its statutory goals, the association performs the following tasks: coordination of the practical activities of the members of the Association, protection of the rights, property, and other interests of the members of the Association, provision of consulting services to the members of the Association, promotion of partnership between the members and ensuring permanent relations between them, development of the beekeeping industry in Rasht region, organization and restoration of international relations and conclusion of bilateral agreements, marketing and sales of beekeepers’ products, organization and holding of B2B meetings, seminars and training for members of the Association and individual beekeepers, in particular, beginner beekeepers, beekeepers’ management, etc.

Chashmai Hayot Public Organization

The main goal of Chashmai Hayot is increasing the role of women in the social, economic and political life of society. The organization offers training for volunteers, trainings for women and youth. Further Chashmai Hayot helps start-ups to get grants.

Educational Center "Khirad"

Educational Center “Khirad” contains electronic versions of specialized books on management, marketing, finance, works of foreign and Tajik authors are presented to the reader exclusively in the Tajik language. Internet users have access to books translated into Tajik by the world's leading business experts, published by world-famous publishing houses. The creative approach of the OC “Khirad” helps to deliver publications to the hands of readers. Among other things, the specialists of the OC “Khirad” conduct business trainings, seminars, field studies and various events in the field of communication and public speaking.

Furugh Public Organization

Furugh is conducting trainings in the following areas: Business education for women, Economic camps for young entrepreneurs, Girls club (encourages girls and women to start a business).

MIR Public Organization

Office for initiatives Development (MIR) is a public organization, contributing to the development of democratic reforms and improving the quality of life of citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan through the involvement of vulnerable segments of the population, including women and youth in development processes in the country, creating conditions favorable for enhancing their role in society.

National Association women of Tajikistan (NABWT)

NABWT is currently one of the biggest non-commercial organizations working in the sphere of reducing poverty in Tajikistan. Working by supporting and developing of small and medium entrepreneurship, it provides women and youth entrepreneurs with access to education and facilitates the creation of favorable conditions for the advancement of business in Tajikistan

National Fisheries Association of the Republic of Tajikistan

In the future the National Association of Fishermen of the Republic of Tajikistan will act as an Association, non-profit, non-governmental and voluntary organization based on self-financing, charity funds of real persons, membership of founders and members, as well as grant funds of all state and foreign organizations, and its activities in accordance with the charter and international documents recognized by the Republic of Tajikistan.

The Association shall have the right to have branches and representative offices throughout the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and the world on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, recognized international documents and the legislation of foreign countries.

Neksigol Mushovir Public Organization

The mission of Neksigol Mushovir is to promote the development of the agricultural sector of Tajikistan and reduce poverty among the rural population of Tajikistan. Therefore Neksigol Mushovir conduct project to Promoting increased sustainable income for farmers.

Neksigol Navovar Public Organization

Contribute to development of agricultural sector in Central Asia through introducing innovative technologies and projects in agriculture that have positive impacts on the environment. Farmers and other agricultural producers; input suppliers, agricultural processing enterprises, exporters, importers, hotels, restaurants/cafe, retail chains, relevant governments and humanitarian organizations, agricultural extension services, business support organizations, financial institutions, other actors of agricultural value chains and consumers of agricultural products.

Otifa Public Organization

Promotion of social, economic, cultural, environmental and social well-being of the population, particularly young people. The main beneficiaries of the organization are women.

Public organization "Sadoi umed"

The goal is to increase the role of young people, protect their rights and interests, create the proper conditions for the comprehensive development of young people and solve priority tasks for creating new jobs.

Rushdi Nurobod Public Organization

Public organization “Rushdi Nurobod” strives to increase the educational and legal literacy of women through explanatory activities (talks and meetings), trainings, publication of information materials (booklets and brochures), and through the media. Promoting free, fair, democratic elections in Nurabad district and the active participation of women in them.

Sarchashmai Hayot NGO

The mission of “Sarchashmai Hayot” NGO is all-around assistance to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, all-round support to the educational network and assistance to vulnerable segments of the population. NGO “Sarchashmai Hayot” was founded in 2005 and operates throughout the country. NGO “Sarchashmai Hayot” carries out over 50 projects aimed at developing small and middle-scale businesses in rural areas and supporting vulnerable sections of the population, mainly rural women and youth. The slogan of the organization is “The only way to do great things is to love what you do,” Steve Jobs.

Sayor Public Organization

Sayor started its activity since 2003 and was re-registered in October 2007 as the Public organization “Sayor”. Sayor implemented several projects with support of several donors: Embassy of Germany, Canadian Fund, Royal family of Norway, Japanese embassy, WFP, USAID, WB, JICA, etc.

Shifo Public Organization

The main goal of the organization is to assist in the creation and development of agriculture, to develop knowledge on water sanitation in rural areas, to increase women’s knowledge, to increase young people’s knowledge of legal issues in the management and use of water resources, to support entrepreneurship, to conduct seminars, to issue brochures and booklets, as well as providing assistance to people with disabilities, orphans and retirees.

Soadat NGO

NGO Saodat is a non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization. Mission is to promote the development of women and their families by protecting political, economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms.

Shoira Public Organization

Public Organization “Shoira” was registered on March 1, 2022.
Mission of the organization: Implementation of projects that contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the population
Main objectives:
➢ Improving the socio-economic status of the population;
➢ Access to knowledge and skills;
Our services:
➢ Organization of training courses for the public;
➢ Organization of a training center;
➢ Support for organisational capacity building;
➢ Support for young and start-up entrepreneurs, etc.

State Incubation TJK

State Institution for the Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan

Business Incubator of Tajikistan – platform to support innovative and technological startups. The main function of the institution is to perform the role of a business incubator in five regions (more than 1,500 square meter, separated by government for business incubation processes) of the country, where regular consultations, incubation programs, trainings and other educational events take place.

Tajik Agrarian University

The Tajik Agrarian University (TAU) is a higher education institution located in Dushanbe with about 6,500 students and more than 35,000 alumni. The university has nine faculties: Agronomy, Agribusiness, Zoo-engineering, Veterinary science, Economics, Horticulture and Biotechnology of Agriculture, Mechanization of Agriculture and Hydromeliorative methods, educating experts on 31 specialties.

TajRupt Public Organization

TajRupt is a non-profit organization with the mission to generate sustainable solutions and providing empowering opportunities for students in Tajikistan.

Technology Park Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics

The main goal of the innovation laboratory is to create a platform for the exchange of experience, information, positive results and resources by organizing a dialogue between universities and the enterprise sector, developing joint projects through active work within innovation laboratories. An innovation laboratory is a space, physical and virtual, within which opportunities are created for promoting and developing innovations in the framework of cooperation between universities, research institutes, state institutions, enterprises and other economic entities in order to create successful social and institutional formats for generating new knowledge and their successful business applications.

Top Consulting

The “Top Consulting” is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of management consulting, process optimization, business transformation and marketing in the market of Tajikistan and the CIS countries. The company provides a wide range of consulting services and has been successfully operating in the market since 2008 year. “Top Consulting” is a well-established team of highly motivated professionals with extensive experience in strategy development, management, marketing, sales, business modeling, personnel management, etc.

Women and Society (AWS)

AWS was established in February 1995. Over the 20 years of its activity AWS cooperated with international and local organizations such as the UN Women, Eurasia Foundation, Pragma Corporation, Mama Cash, Global Fund, IREX, ACTED, UNDP, NSIFT, GTZ/GIZ,  project RTLC (USAID), IOM,  Helvetas, Miserior, IFC World Bank Group, MSDSP. Among other services AWS offers training and consulting services in law, language and economics.

Zamonat Public Organization

ZAMONAT is an association of a group of experts on the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Tajikistan. The mission of the organization is assistance in the development of businesses. Services are Management Consulting, production management services, marketing services, Trainings and Workshops for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized companies.

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