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Development of the greenhouse business in the Republic of Tajikistan and market trends.

Production of agricultural products in an indoor environment. Production of agricultural products in greenhouses. The production of vegetables in the conservatory which is commonly known as greenhouses has a significant difference in the specifics of doing business, in contrast to the production of agricultural products in the open field. It uses special agricultural technologies, a…

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Peanut or groundnut. Business of its cultivation and processing

One of the agricultural crops having the greatest potential in the agribusiness of Tajikistan is  a peanut. The peanuts, commonly known as groundnuts, are herbaceous plant from the legume family. Peanuts can be grown by entrepreneurs for sale as raw materials in Tajikistan, as well as used for processing, storage, and production of various products…

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How to start a business at 20?

Many young people in Tajikistan are thinking about whether it is realistic to create their own business, without having the capital and experience of business vision. Many questions arise. On the example of young girls, which we will talk about further, it is clear that with a strong desire, you can start from scratch and…

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